Auto Repair Sales – How you can Sell $1,000,000 operating

A car repair purchase is a well-liked subject with many shop proprietors. A million dollars appears just like a magic number for several shop proprietors. They are either battling hitting it, or they have managed to get and today they need 2 million or three million. Regardless of the goal, fantastic auto repair sales performance is simple (not necessarily easy, but simple). To attain outstanding auto repair sales performance you need to consistently do four things.

  1. Listen carefully towards the customer and rapidly build rapport and relationship.
  2. Request the biggest possible purchase and will be offering the finest perceived value.
  3. Obtain the work done. Rapidly and properly.
  4. Lock the client right into a lengthy-term relationship together with your shop repeating steps one, two and three a minimum of three occasions each year.

In the first step the bottom line is rapidly. To market a million dollars (or even more) each year, everything will have to occur FAST! The rapport building process does not need to take a lengthy time. You are able to develop a strong connection with a brand new client very rapidly simply by providing them with speaking about themselves.

Question: So, how lengthy have you ever resided here?-The kind of work is the next step?-How lengthy have you ever owned the vehicle?-Where’s your preferred place to take vacation?-Let me know regarding your kids/pets… Each one of these questions obtain the customer speaking about themselves and provide you with lots of chance to recognize and discuss common sights or experience. None of the takes greater than a couple of minutes, but in this process the vital procedure for trust building is happening.

In second step, the bottom line is requesting the biggest possible purchase. Fear stops most salespeople from requesting the big purchase. Rather they convince themselves the customer is only going to pay a reduced figure an amount they (the sales rep) are comfy with. For this reason I spend a lot amount of time in the Advanced Service Author Sales Training Class focusing on the closing question. The closing question is paramount to overcoming the worry. By using it memorized and practiced the worry subsides and also the service author has the capacity to request larger sales than in the past. I have seen it increase the than $300 per RO to some shops RO average. It’s that Effective!

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