Learn How To Tow The Car In The Time Of Suffocation

In a breakdown, the most recommended thing is to call a tow truck to take your car to a repair shop. Stopping on the street with the car not working is already unpleasant. Worse still is getting a ticket or damaging the vehicle for towing it the wrong way. So even at those times, you have to be careful.

The recommended thing is to call a tow truck, either private or insurance, in any mechanical problem. If that’s not possible, stay tuned. Even if it is the goodwill of someone else, towing a car with a rope or flexible cable is an average traffic violation, with a fine. This is only allowed in emergency cases to bring the vehicle to a safe location for short stretches.

In addition to being prohibited, pulling with rope can cause accidents, as the vehicle behind needs to have the engine running (when possible) for the brake to work. Any carelessness may result in a rear-end collision.

Between two cars, the correct way is to use metal couplings. The towbar must be hitched to a towbar and be specific for this purpose. No iron bar can be used. Read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai) about car repairs here.

Automatic Exchange

Regarding automatic cars, towing is recommended using platform winches, those in which the car has all four wheels stationary on the truck. If the driver does not know the car’s traction, there will be mechanical problems if the wheels responsible for the traction are turned for great distances with the engine off. If driving a car with an automatic transmission is essential, the driver must place the lever in the “N” position. But it can’t drive more than three or four kilometers like that, at the risk of damage to the gearbox components.

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