The Different Types Of ppf And Which  Is Right For You

Paint protection film is a thin plastic sheet that goes over your car’s exterior panels. It protects against scratches, dents and other damages that can affect the look of your vehicle. In this article we will discuss about paint protection films.There are a lot of different paint protection films available on the market today, so it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Choose The Best PPF For You

Clear Bra PPF- Clear bra PPF is one of the most common types of paint protection films used by car owners today. This type of film is generally made from polyurethane or polyester materials and does not require any special tools for installation. The film itself is thin enough that you can’t see it when viewed straight on, but it’s strong enough to withstand impacts such as gravel thrown up by passing cars.

Ceramic Coating- Ceramic Coating protects your vehicle’s paint job by creating a hard barrier between your car’s surface and any contaminants that come in contact with it. Ceramic Coating will not only protect your car from minor scratches but also from salt corrosion, rust and oxidation damage caused by road salts. Ceramic Coating helps keep your vehicle looking new for many years to come!

Tinted Film Tinted PPF- is one of the most popular types of paint protection film because it adds a layer of protection to your car’s original finish while also giving it a unique look. Tinted PPF comes in many different shades, ranging from neutral to vibrant colors such as red, blue and green. This type of film can also be applied over an existing color to make it darker or lighter depending on your preferences.

Glossy Paint Protection- Film Glossy PPF is another popular option for those looking for added protection for their vehicle’s paint job without altering the original appearance too much. The glossy finish of this type of film makes it ideal for those who want their car to have a high-gloss shine without having to wax it regularly or buff out scratches from minor accidents.

Matte Paint Protection Film- Matte paint protection film is made from a special kind of adhesive that’s pre-cut to fit the contours and curves of your car or truck’s exterior body panels. When applied, this protective film will completely cover your car’s finish with a thin layer that won’t interfere with the look of your vehicle, but will give you added protection from everyday damage.

The Importance Of Paint Protection Film

The most important reason to get ppf on your car is so that it protects against damage when driving along busy roads or parking in lots with high traffic areas. This type of film acts as a barrier between the outside world and your car’s paint job by preventing rocks from hitting it, as well as protecting it from dust particles in the air that can scratch the surface.

It will also protect against bird droppings or other small objects flying into your window or windshield when you are driving down the highway at high speeds. The last thing anyone wants is for their new car to look bad because someone else did not take care of theirs properly!

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