The Most Common Car Ceramic Coating Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

A car ceramic coating is a polymer in the form of liquid that bonds to your car’s paint and provides a layer of protection. It can make your car’s paintwork shine and make it easier to wash and maintain. A quality car ceramic coating can last for years, but only if it’s applied correctly. In this blog post, we’ll show you the most common mistakes people make when applying a car Ceramic Coating (and how to avoid them).


Mistake #1: Applying the Ceramic Coating in Direct Sunlight

Many people think that they can speed up the process by applying the coating in direct sunlight. However, this can actually cause problems because the heat from the sun can cause the coating to dry too quickly, which will result in streaks or lines in the finish. Instead, apply the coating in the shade or in an area with indirect sunlight.


Mistake #2: Not Washing the Car First

Another common mistake is not washing the car before applying the coating. This is vital because you need to remove all traces of dirt, grime, and wax before applying the ceramic coating. If you don’t wash the car first, these contaminants will become trapped under the coating and will be difficult to remove later on. Use a quality car shampoo, and make sure to rinse off any soap residue before proceeding.


Mistake #3: Not Polishing the Car First

Polishing your car before applying a ceramic coating will create a smoother surface for the coating to bond to. If you don’t polish your car first, you run the risk of trapping imperfections under the coating, which will be visible once it dries. Use a good quality polish, and make sure to buff out any residual polish before applying the coating. This way, you’ll have a smooth and flawless finish.


Mistake #4: Not Following the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Each ceramic coating brand will have specific instructions on how to apply its product properly. Make sure to read and follow these instructions, as deviating from them can result in a sub-par finish or even damage to your car’s paintwork. This includes using the correct tools (such as applicator pads or microfiber cloths) and allowing the proper drying time before exposing your car to water or sunlight.


Mistake #5: Not Maintaining the Coating

A ceramic coating isn’t a one-time application – you need to maintain it properly in order for it to last. This includes regular washing and waxing, as well as avoiding any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific maintenance guidelines. Additionally, re-apply the coating every 1-2 years to maintain its protection and shine.



Applying a car ceramic coating is not as straightforward as many people think. In fact, there are several common mistakes that people make which can ruin their paintwork. In this blog post, we showed you 3 of those mistakes (applying in direct sunlight, not washing first, not polishing first) and how to avoid them. By taking care when applying a ceramic coating, you can ensure that your car’s paintwork looks its best for years to come.


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