Volkswagen Repair – The Reality Regarding VW’s ‘Lifetime’ Automatic Transmission Fluid

Should there be one factor Worldwide Sport Motors of Bay Area has experienced through the years, it’s issues with Volkswagen’s automatic transmissions. The main reason Volkswagen’s ‘lifetime’ automatic transmission fluid system sounds too good to be real is since it is. Even though the modern synthetic fluid protects better which last more than competing oils, it won’t last forever. Actually, legally, the word ‘lifetime fluid’ refers simply to the time period of the VW Powertrain Warranty. Then when the warranty expires, you are at a complete loss.

Volkswagen, together with a number of other auto-manufacturers, recognizes that most proprietors don’t maintain their vehicles past 100,000 miles. The so-known as ‘lifetime’ fluid is only a marketing twist accustomed to help sell cars that need ‘minimal maintenance.’ But following the 100,000 mile mark (when vehicles need real attention) most Volkswagen repair guarantees are null and void. This is exactly why VW schedules a 105,000 mile timing belt change on 1.8T engines, and why most ‘lifetime’ guarantees are bogus.

If you plan to maintain your vehicle for some time, the price of never-replaced ATF will terrify you. Left untouched for a whole ‘lifetime’ this fluid may cause serious harm to your filter and oil pans. Deposits of metallic shavings will establish in your filter and oil pan, and eventually damage the transmission. The resultant repairs is going to be pricey. So your favor. If you are planning to maintain your vehicle around to determine 150,000 or 200,000 miles, improve your ATF yourself regularly.

Even though this task could be complicated, it’s worth the effort. Go to your local VW-Audi auto parts store (GermanAutoParts and ECStuning, amongst others) and buy a VW-specific oil and filter package. For the 01M automatic transmission and also the MK4, obtain the filter package and ATF Pentosin G-052-162-A2. Perform the same goes with stick shift oil, as well as your vehicle could keep running well into senior years.

Incidentally, think before asking Volkswagen Service authors about these ‘lifetime’ loopholes. They’ll insist that items like the ATF are ‘sealed with lifetime’ but that’s only by corporate mandate. In case you really want to maintain your Volkswagen running easily, stick to the advice above. Or, if you wish to obtain the longest existence and finest performance from your Volkswagen, do-it-yourself, or speak to a Volkswagen repair center that’s prepared to perform these types of preventative maintenance services for you personally. It is less expensive than replacing your whole transmission.

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